Recycled yellow gold and emerald pendant

Gold and emerald pendant remodel

When Sarah contacted me she had a lovely thick 18ct ring and another broken 22ct wedding band that had been passed down through her boyfriend's family. She also had a little gold bracelet of her own and a great desire to make him a very special pendant for his 40th birthday. Originally the design included the spiral of life with an emerald at it's centre for abundance, but a little redesign brought us to setting the emerald in the centre of the circle like before, but with a six pointed star on the reverse - again symbolising abundance.

The original gold rings pictured at the top and the new gold and emerald pendant pictured below

The original gold rings pictured at the top and the new gold and emerald pendant pictured below

There wasn't quite enough metal to make a disc large and heavy enough as things stood, so we decided to add an a further 6g of 9ct yellow gold to the mix just to bring up the weight. Some of this additional metal went to make the bale and the setting before the rest went into the pot to be melted.

Usually the ingots of gold are long and rod shaped but on the flip side of the ingot mould there is a wider opening for making small amounts of sheet metal. Invariably it comes out lumpy and uneven but as usual the trusty rolling mill flattened out the bumps and pressed the gold into submission!

From this knobbly little sheet I marked and cut out a generous disc and started to work assembling the bale and setting which you can see just held in tweezers midshot. I seem to have forgotten to take any further photos and suddenly we have the finished piece! Roughly speaking I hammer textured the front of the pendant before setting the emerald and then sending it off to be engraved with the six pointed star on the reverse.

Sarah planned to give Jason his gift at the top of Croagh Patrick but while they climbed the Reek she hadn't the heart to make him wait for his pressie!

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