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Having trained in goldsmithing with the Craft Council of Ireland in Kilkenny, I worked in the industry for over four years before setting up my own business in 2011. Based in Dublin 14, I make custom engagement rings, handmade wedding bands and gifts for all occasions in collaboration with clients. I also create my own collection of modern jewellery which is available online and from my Windy Arbour showroom.

Though I can turn my hand to most styles my own design is informed by strong, contemporary forms and my jewellery shares these clean, architectural lines. Since receiving my first silver ring as a child I’ve wanted to make jewellery. Whether made from found objects or latterly from precious metals and fine gemstones the allure has proved irresistible and following a degree in European Studies, a short jewellery course in NCAD lead me to reimagine my future.

There are few things more satisfying than taking a piece from design concept to completion – seeing it develop from what at times may seem uninspiring (just take a look at my blog) to something truly covetable with a little heat and persuasion. As such, my goal is to make high quality one-of-a-kind pieces using traditional hand skills and for each piece to be worn and have a life beyond my workshop.